-Added Grind System
-Complete Flip Trick System
-Fixed Animations and bugs
-30fps Cap added to prevent unstable performance
-Improved Visuals, HUD, Menus, and Presentation
-Reverts, Nollie/Fakie, and Switch Stances added
-Options Added
-Automatic Input selection.

Future Updates:
-Add more songs and a music playlist system
-Am/Low Level Pro Skaters
-Johnny Giger
-Rad Rat?
-Better Balance System
-Name Change
-Finisher/Ender Tricks (Special Tricks)
-Improve Visuals even more
-Add Spininng tricks
-Work on vert
-Add a combo system
-Add a Freestyle/Flatland Trick System
-Add Powerslides and Aggro Pushes
-Make more levels
-Add more challenges
-Fix bad score math calculation
-Decide the price tag
-Add a progression system
-Add a Sim/Story Mode(edited)
Also working on an Xbox One port
PS4 Port might not be possible due to the unfriendly indie landscape (this is a niche non mainstream game)
And still planning an Android version

Also i want to thank these guys for the feedback and support:

Davide, rodafy, False Reality, Copperbird and Almightyzentaco


SRAMS (Alpha) 0.3.0 (THE MEGA OVERHAUL) Setup Wizard.exe 403 MB
Aug 09, 2020

Get (BETA) Super Radical Am Skater: Airbourne

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