0.5 delay

Hello everyone, Drake here. 

I just wanted to confirm delay of the 0.5 update, orignally it was going to be released today 29th of August 2020, but Itch.io hasn't replied to my 1gb limit removal request, i've sent 2 requests, the first one was declined due to using another account, and the second has just been ignored, so i'm going to keep sending requests to Itch.io until they reply.  - Thank you - Drake Sánchez. 


SRAMS Beta 0.4.1 Setup Wizard.exe 590 MB
Aug 17, 2020
Srams BETA 0.4 "Ender Drop" 586 MB
Aug 15, 2020
SRAMS Alpha 0.3.5 Setup Wizard.exe 619 MB
Aug 12, 2020
SRAMS (Alpha) 0.3.2 (Broken Fix) Setup Wizard.exe 405 MB
Aug 11, 2020

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